101 in 1001

Approximately 2.75 years worth of life goals in a nice, tidy box.

Public Service Announcement

At the request of a few folks, I have created a new blog, hosted on my own server, which integrates posts from a few of my blogs, and this is one of them.

Basically, I have several separate wordpress blogs because many people are only interested in one aspect of my life (teachers read my teaching blog for lesson plans, other Korean expats read my Korea blog, and various people read my personal blog, etc, etc).  It makes it easy for folks who don’t want to have to scroll past a post about my own life, etc.

However, some people *are* interested in all aspects, or at least more than one, and so I have made a new blog on which I post my entries from the most relevant/popular of my other blogs.  The default view is to see everything, but if you want, the categories at the top sift the blog into only posts from a particular wordpress blog.

You are welcome to continue reading this blog, but if you are also interested in getting a broader picture of my life, I would recommend checking out the new one instead, as it will contain not only my posts from here, but from a few other of my blogs as well.

The new blog is HERE.

Artistic #3

3. Update website at least twice a month for 6 months. (in progress)

Well, this one has worked out differently than I really intended.  I originally intended to make CameraBum my primary website, but the hassle of exportation and uploading each time ended up making me loathe to actually make any edits.  So, my new site, which will serve that purpose, is Living Life Frame by Frame.  It’s a little bit different, but really, I feel it’s more likely to be enjoyed by a wider range of people.  Sure, it’s less fancy, but I tend to believe that content is more important than the shininess of the site.

A thought…

You know, I have read tons of modern travel memoirs, but nothing that was written prior to around 1960 or so.  I think it’s time to read some Hemingway…

Social #4

4. Go out for drinks with people at least once a week for 3 months.

This one was pretty easy here in Korea, as it’s one of the main ways we socialize.  This one was not an attempt to get me to drink, but more to socialize with people outside of my apartment on a more regular basis.

Personal Growth #6

6. Do my laundry once a week for two months

This is a necessity here, since I don’t have all that many clothes.  So, we’ll see how much this trend persists when I return to the US, but I do think that having access to my own washer has helped my former habit of letting clothes pile up for 2-3 weeks, and so I suspect this is a behavior that has just changed in general.

Personal Growth #2

2. Keep clothes completely off the floor for 2 weeks. Bonus points for a month. 

Didn’t succeed with a month, but I did get close.  The purpose of this one was to attempt to start to change that rather bad habit of mine, and while I do still let them sit on the floor sometimes, it is far, far less often than previously, and is mostly at night, as I’m getting ready for bed.

Personal Growth #1

1. Read 20 books. 

This one is in progress.  I’m writing about it because I’m doing better on it than I thought I would.  I have read 3 books already, in 3 months, and now that school has started again, I will be reading even more (I have lots of free time here at work, when I’m not teaching).  So far I have read:

I hate writing reviews, so I will simply state that all three were quite good.